Sheet Music

UOTF Starter Tunes Collection. This is a compilation of tunes, many hand written, from past and current members of the association.

The Tunes category of this website has many tunes with examples and backing tracks.

Original Dulcimer Players Club of Michigan, has compiled a list of old time and traditional tunes with midi files. Some of these tunes were composed by club members, and are so marked.

Squirrels’ Nest Live has a massive collection of sheet music (both in one huge file and also separated out into individual tunes) which have been played either at the Winfield Kansas and Evart Michigan festivals. This stuff is a mixture of Celtic and Old Time. Definitely worth checking out.

John Lamancusa of Penn State has complied an impressive list of tunes, with midi files.

Muse Score is a free music composition tool which runs on just about any computer platform. Music which has been typed in can be played back, which is a useful tool for those who are trying to learn to read sheet music.

The Way of the Fiddle is a collection of Old-Time tunes transcribed by ear from old recordings.

Fiddle Tunes from Bernie Waugh is a collection of books archived by Dartmouth University.