Pioneer Chapter


  • The Rights of Man
    This piece is thought to reference the book by Thomas Paine. Example Backing Tracks Sheet Music
  • The Pride of Petravore
    Also known as Eileen Oge, this tune is attributed to the multitalented Percy French. Petravore translates to “Peter of the Road,” who was proprietor of a public house at theContinue readingThe Pride of Petravore
  • Bill Cheatem
    Also known as Bill Cheatham. Example Backing Tracks Sheet Music From
  • Blackberry Blossom
    Blackberry Blossom is a great tune for improvisation and variations. Examples Backing Tracks Sheet Music
  • Flowers of Edinburgh
    Flowers of Edinburgh, as you might guess, comes to us through Scottish fiddle traditions. Example Backing Tracks Sheet Music




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