To Join the UOTF

Dues are $20 per per person or $25 per family for a fiscal year. Dues may be paid directly to your chapter chairman (see the table below for the chapter nearest you), mailed directly to the UOTF Treasurer (also on the state organization page), or through Paypal. Please include your mailing address, telephone number and email address.

While this system will notify the Treasurer directly, we ask that you show a copy of your receipt to your chapter chairperson.

Paypal users have two additional options for membership: a one time payment (single year membership), or an automatic annual subscription which will automatically withdraw funds from your account every year on the anniversary of your enrolement to pay your dues.

One time membership (select family or individual for one year):



Recurring Subscription (select either individual or family):
This option will automatically pay your dues every year. Be advised, Paypal does not announce this withdrawal, so please plan accordingly.


You will receive a quarterly newsletter (delivered by email), as well as being invited to our several annual gatherings and events.

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