Pioneer Chapter


  • Jack of Diamonds
    Jack of Diamonds, a traditional song, is also known as “Jack of Diamonds is a Hard Card to Play.” This recording is by the Utah Old Time Fiddlers.
  • Tunes from Home Schottische
    The schottische is a partnered country dance that apparently originated in Bohemia. (wikipedia) “Tunes from Home” is a delightful schottische that Pioneer chapter likes to perform. Here’s a video toContinue readingTunes from Home Schottische
  • Snow Deer
    We’re working on a tune called Snow Deer this month. Snow Deer entered the old-time fiddle tune repertoire at some point after the first vaudeville version (1911) and early hillbilly/stringband recordingsContinue readingSnow Deer
  • Guitar Pickin’ Workshop
    Join us March 18, 2023, at the Pleasant Valley Branch Library for an Old-Time Music Workshop. This first workshop will be taught by Steven Capener of the Pioneer Chapter andContinue readingGuitar Pickin’ Workshop
  • Soldier’s Joy
    Our next practice tune dates back to the 1760s, and has roots in Scottish fiddling traditions. Here is Soldier’s Joy. For our mandolinists, here is a video by David Benedict.